A few weeks back RD and I were lucky enough to travel to Savannah. I spent weeks studying where to eat and what to do (and stressing about the weather forecast). More or less I covered every item that is typically on a travel checklist. One thing travel prep can never truly predict is how the destination will feel. And with Savannah I was truly blown away! It might sound cheesy or cliche, but the best word to describe Savannah is… DREAMY! The streets are picturesque Southern charm with fresh blooms everywhere and Spanish moss draped walkways. The one thing I recommend most for this locale is to relax, aimlessly stroll and take in all the beauty. But if you your looking for a little more guidance here are the food, drinks and sights I loved the most.


Don’t let the kitschy name and casual atmosphere deter you. Treylor Park is comfort food done right! I ordered the Southern Sloppy Joe and haven’t stopped thinking about it since!


We initially stopped in for a quick glass of wine, but were quickly convinced were needed to stay after a glance at the menu. The options are innovative and modern. And it would be a sin not to indulge in their house made biscuits!


While not an actual dining location, I couldn’t leave this shop off my list. There are multiple locations across the city with a never ending list of sweet and savory treats. I highly recommend the cheddar pecan variety! If you not in the Savannah area they are also available to order online.


Excellent craft cocktails, extremely skilled bartenders and a stunning interior. Grab a pre-dinner drink and expand your cocktail horizons!

Local brews on tap and an adorable outdoor patio. The perfect place to relax with a mid-afternoon libation.IMG_6047


I did extensive research in preparing for our trip. Somehow I totally skipped where to get my necessary daily caffeine fix! Sometimes wandering into the closest coffee shop on Google Maps works just as well as reading countless tips and recommendations. I absolutely fell in love with The Coffee Fox. Not only was the coffee top notch, but they had irresistible breakfast treats called Kolache. They are a perfect cross between pastry and bagel that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. I will definitely be testing out this recipe in my own kitchen soon.IMG_6730


Almost every  inch of Savannah is stunning,  but here are a few my favorite places!


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